Sunday 6 January 2013

Chad: lourobbo's kitchen

Chad is a country with an unsettled past and consequently the cuisine has developed under a variety of influences, the dominant being French.

But also, we see the return of Peanut Butter, which does appear to be prevalent amongst African nations!

I chose two dishes from Chad, Moo Sate and a broiled fish dish, Tilapia au four. Moo Sate is exactly what you would think - beef satay. Here are a couple of pictures of the preparation - the marinating skewers of meat and the smooth creamy peanut buttery sauce.


It's a very easy dish to make, and the meat doesn't even really need much time to soak up the flavours. I used some nice frying steak from Morrison's, cut into thin slices. The satay is given it's luscious texture with the use of a packet of coconut cream and smooth peanut butter and has a bit of a kick with the use of curry power and some very finely chopped chillies.
The second dish was a broiled fish recipe, that I found on several sites. It seems to use tilapia in the main, although I have seen it on sale in UK supermarkets, I couldn't find any yesterday, so substituted with some cod steaks.
The fish only needed 30 minutes to bake in the oven and the kebabs literally a few minutes on the hot plate/griddle, turning occasionally (particularly if you like your steak medium rare). The peanut sauce was warmed up in a saucepan and both dishes to be served with rice.

I liked the Moo Sate, it had a good level of heat and the sauce was velvety. The fish was a little bland I thought, but maybe a touch more seasoning and you have a fairly healthy dish there. Overall, a tasty way to get back into the A to Z eating challenge.  And all washed down with a particularly lovely bottle of cabernet/shiraz from Some Young Punks, a birthday present from a friend!


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