Sunday 24 April 2011

Brunei: lourobbo's kitchen

A quick post for a quick meal. No restaurants that we could find for Brunei, so I cooked "Mee Goreng" for James and I on Saturday night. Brunei cuisine has a lot of Malaysian and Indonesian influences, lucky for us as we're both partial to noodles.

This recipe for Mee Goreng had chicken and shrimp as the main ingredients but there seemed to be several different ways of cooking it. I liked this one as it used spring onions and fried shallots for garnish.

A great success, speedy to make and clean plates all round.

Brazil: Comida

We've been looking forward to Brazil ever since starting this challenge. James's sister, Faith lived in Fortaleza for 5 years and was keen to see whether London could offer anything close to the real deal.

There were a couple of restaurants to choose from, but we settled on Comida, a Churrascaria restaurant in South Molton Street and booked ourselves a table for Friday night. It was an unseasonably warm evening for April, people were sitting outside, but we took our table inside. The decor was nothing to write home about, fairly basic with small formica tables for 4 and a buffet along one side.

But at the heart of the restaurant, what we'd really come to experience - the flaming grill, chock full of skewers of meat.

We started with a round of drinks - Brahma beers, Caipirinha cocktails and a fizzy Guarana drink, popular in Brazil:

We unanimously opted for the "all you can eat" buffet, the waiter took our order and then wandered off. It wasn't immediately obvious what to do next, but after a few minutes trying to work out where to get the plates from, caught sight of another table starting to help themselves to the BBQ accompaniments - various carbs: rice, beans, potatoes and some limp salad leaves. Faith warned us not to load up too much on the buffet sides. It turned out to be good the meat had started to arrive.

Let's start gently, with a couple of chicken legs and some chorizo style Brazilian sausage. So far, so good. Tasty with a very distinctive BBQ taste. Then our waiter started bringing out the big guns....large skewers with beef and lamb joints, which he sliced onto our plates at the table.


By this stage of the meal, the waiters had worked out that Faith can speak fluent Portuguese and this broke the ice for some high jinks. I'm sure he was joking with that knife....

You really can get your money's worth at a Churrascaria. The meat just kept coming until we couldn't face another morsel. Next time I go to one of these...I probably won't bother with any of the side dishes, and also make sure I'm ravenous. That steak was gooooooooood.

Now for some scoring:

Food: ****
Value for money:****
Atmosphere: ***

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Botswana: lourobbo's kitchen

James and I spent a lovely week in St Ives and I was all set to catch up on the Eating the A to Z of London project having some time on our hands, we'd been on a go slow recently. Botswana was next and no restaurants readily available to try their cuisine. Then James reminded me of one of the key points of the was supposed to be within the boundaries of the M25. Doh!

So I cooked a bolognese instead.

Home from holiday,  I wanted to crack on with Botswana. I had another scout around for restaurants, but to no avail, so then back to some favourite sites that I've been using so far to source the recipes.

On the menu, Botswanan Chicken Groundnut Stew. It sounded revolting - chicken casseroled in a sauce of peanut butter, tomato puree, ginger, sugar and chilli flakes. With some fried onion and peppers in the mix. Served on a bed of mashed rice, shaped into balls.

But how wrong could I be, it was scrumptious and definitely one for the recipe book. Here's the preparation and cooking:

The sauce can only be described as a salmony pink colour. The chicken was browned with the onions and green pepper and, and then covered with the sauce, brought up to a simmer and allowed to cook away for an hour. I served it with rice balls - rice "overcooked" mashed and shaped into balls.

The whole thing was really quite good. A rich sweet nutty sauce, warming comfort food.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: lourobbo's kitchen

Hello foodies...taken me a little while to get round to writing up Bosnia. It's a couple of weeks ago now, I've almost forgotten what I cooked.

Let's look back at the photos:


To put it simply, Bosnia is about pies! Filo pastry pies. I made two types - Burek (spiced mince meat) and Krompirusa (potato, carrot and onion) served with a simple feta salad. They were quite straightforward to make, although I think I might have overfilled the rolls and the filo can be a little temperamental to roll into the "snail" shapes. A tasty meal however, and I'd do this one again.