Sunday 8 August 2010

Andorra: lourobbo's kitchen

The next few entries in the Travel Book are verging on the obscure. Andorra has proven to be our first "fail", after much trawling of t'interweb and reading other blogs and restaurant sites, I couldn't find anywhere claiming to serve authentic Andorran cuisine. Maybe not surprising, the place is tiny, boasting a population of approximately 84,000, it seems unlikely that even one lone crusader would have moved to London to open a restaurant?

But on the bright side, I get more use out of my newly rebuilt kitchen, we save a bit of cash and I can probably catch up a few weeks on the overall timeline to complete this marathon eating session, as I don't feel the need to wait a whole week to move on to the next country.

So, on the menu Chez lourobbo, this fine Saturday evening? We have Pan con tomate to start. Errr...bread with tomato. The Andorran cuisine is characterised with Northern Spanish influences and this is clear here with Seranno ham. Lots of garlic rubbed into the crusty bread, with tomato pulp and topped with the ham and dash of olive oil. Mmmm.

This was followed by Trinxat, a traditional potato, cabbage and bacon cake. I served it with some grilled pork steaks. Most of the recipes I found for mains focussed on veal, which I'm not overly keen on, and Suzanne certainly wouldn't have touched, so pork seemed a suitable substitute.

Clean plates all round, so gather it was a success. The potato cake was very easy to make, savoy cabbage mashed up nicely. I'd cook this again.

On Tuesday, I shall mostly be cooking Angolan... better go and search out a recipe.

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