Wednesday 28 July 2010

Albania: Alba Grill

Week 2 and we're in Maida Vale. Actually, more like West Kilburn. Today we visited the Alba Grill for a spot of Albanian. Sue came along for the giggles, it's just down the road from her house.

A 15 minute walk from Maida Vale tube, we arrrived at a reasonably smart restaurant (compared to the neighbouring establishments). We needn't have booked, we were the only diners. Possibly the only diners for quite some time. The waiter showed us to our table, seated downstairs in the basement, after he'd turned on the lights and switched the telly to Alsat TV, treating us to the current top 10 of Albanian folk music videos while we ate. Classy.

Another limited menu, but luckily the Albanian specialities were available. We chose a selection of kebabs, grilled chicken and beef steaks, accompanied by a mixed and greek salad. No obvious Albanian drinks, so we stuck with bottles of beer.

The nosh was perfectly fresh, if a little unappetising to look at. The steaks had a spicy kick. Sue liked her chicken. The sheep's cheese  in the salad was very tasty although not sure if it was feta or a creamy alternative.

No Albanian dessert! :-(

Overall, a pleasant enough dining experience, but I wouldn't rush back. There is not a plethora of Albanian restaurants in London to choose from, in fact this was the only one we could find....but to be honest, there are plenty enough Greeks to cover off the menu.

Food: **
Atmosphere: *
Value for money:***

More photos at my lourobbo flickr account.

Next up - Algeria.

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  1. Food was ok if a bit dodgy looking. I would give it 5 out of 10.